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Richard Hardrick (born Richard Hernán Fernando Núñez Díaz; 5 December 1978) is a Chilean-French composer, musician, songwriter and singer.
Hardrick was born in Antofagasta, he later on moved to La Serena, in northern Chile. During his time in La Serena, he was known to take up multiple artistic activities such as music, painting and writing, at the same time standing out in the local artistic scene.
He started singing and playing guitar and bass guitar at 15, influenced by bands like Pink Floyd and Queen, and always paying attention to progressive and ambient music.
Hardrick attended Journalism at the Universidad de La Serena, and was a member of several cover bands, but he was always took time for his own musical creations.
In 2013 he move to France. In 2017 Richard Hardrick released his self-produced debut album "Diverse", inspired by instrumental and world music. His second album, "Bludgeon", inspired by epic, fantasy, and adventure movie soundtracks, was released in 2018. In early 2021, Hardrick released "Crystallization," his first official song with lyrics and vocals. Also in 2021, Hardrick releases his third album "Continuum", a 20-song, one-hour conceptual musical work, fusion of Latin American roots, Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock and New Age music.
From 2021 to 2023 Hardrick releases 23 synthwave genre singles, marking a new trend in his musical orientation, and giving a glimpse of his last album: "Neowave" (2024); Never stop to working working in cinematic, commercial and gaming soundtracks.

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