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The story of a lost civilization, a vibrant action scene, or the most romantic moment you can imagine, they all deserve a great soundtrack.
Your documentary or film project needs music that will form part of your overall idea. You can choose between this three options:

1- Your Soundtrack: You can GUIDE and LEAD the creative work from scratch, to get a soundtrack that fits perfectly with your project. Through this option, the music that you will include in your work, will be MADE JUST FOR YOU, with multiple musical recording options, including orchestras from Europe, or more intimate sessions, depending on the needs and budget of your project.

2- Original Demos: If you are in a hurry, you can choose a musical demo, in which the composition is already predefined, but has not been processed into its final format. Then, you can choose the main instruments and introduce some changes, such as tempo, intensity or the segment's length until it fits with your project.

3- Synchronization License: You can choose from a list of tracks mastered in high definition, ready for use.

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