A personalized soundtrack for your film. How does it works?

Forms of contact:

Skype meetings, phone calls, emails; you can choose what works best for you. Meetings in person are ideal, but I know sometimes distance, time, or budget don't allow it.


Your ideas, feelings and where you want to go with your film, are part of what I need to make the perfect music.
Information and trust are the key; Global concept and specific ideas have the same relevance to reach the goal of making music that fits perfectly with your work. Share your ideas.


Even if you have not started the filming stage, I can start to make the music by working with your script. More time, gives us more options. If you have specific musical ideas for some scenes (Epic, Ethnic, Orchestral, Love Acoustic Song, etc, etc) you can include it on the script, if you just have feelings or emotions (Happiness, Sadness, Anguish, Calm, etc, etc) you can include that too. This is one way you can GUIDE and LEAD the creative work from scratch.

The Music


I"ll send you some demos to align ideas, and polish the musical concept. Then you must tell me what works and what doesn't fit your vision. When all is clear, we can define the final instruments, and you can choose the Leitmotiv for the film.
Final Versions:

When final tracks are ready, It's possible to make a last length's correction, to fit a specific musical part to a specific scene.

Script example with music for it
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